Tuesday, September 30, 2008

New Year, Same Old Me

Last week my pic was in the Daily News here as part of a story on "Heebsters" in New York City. I've been too busy to brag about this out of the blue event to anyone other than my family and 400+ of my closest online friends.

Hooray, hurrah!

But really, it's amazing how much one does, and how little relation what you do has to the press you get. But still, it's press, and you just learn to take the sun when it shines on ya.

Speaking of more sun to come, Friday I think I'm doing a spot on an excellent morning radio program. Stay tuned for the 411.

And soon, very soon, a barrage of dates will fly at ya about two fabulous shows on the TV contraption that will feature me. Stay tuned!

Got to run. And by "run" I mean have a sip of wine, walk a ratty little dog named Stan and go to bed.

Happy New Year to all my mishpucha. Here's to a sweet, healthy and downright sexy 5769, why not? Ya, Sexy New Year to you.