Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Day, Made

So I'm performing again, after a self and then life-imposed slow down. But now I'm back on TV, soon to be on two shows on different nets and there's a small possibility I might be doing some amazingly exciting comedy event on the road. Details to come, if they come.

However, I sometimes feel rusty. Work is awesome but I simply don't have the time to do those excellent but grimy unpaid shows you should do to keep oneself sharp.

Anywho, just as I was thinking I'm a rusty ol' sow, I found this by accident. It's an interview with Chris Hampton, amazingly talented creator and curator of the long-running, amazingly awesome (yet dearly departed) WYSIWYG talent show. Here's the part that made my ego sing:

BH: Now that WYSIWYG is entering its fourth year, I imagine you’ve seen a lot of talented people perform. Do you have any particular favorites?

CH: Hmm. Maybe Susie Felber’s story from a show about summer camp experiences. Her mother was one of those touchy-feely moms who think ALL children are special — so she innocently and cluelessly signed Susie up for a camp for “special” children. But it’s REALLY hard to pick just one!
Yes, this made me very happy. Thanks Chris, Google and even mom who, in the 70's, thought "special" meant "gifted."