Monday, September 25, 2006

Remember way back when, when I told you about my illustrator friend Steve? Yeah, misty water colored memories light the corners of my mind too!

Well now Steve is doing illustration for the Fluorescent Justice sketchbook, an illustrated, animated, New York City night court blog experience! And, even better, these short original vids are available as a free video podcast from Court TV. And even better than that? I won a brand new shiny video iPod recently... from the same company that does these podcasts.
Fluorescent Justice podcast
Holla! It's Steve's art on my Pod.

And the moral of the story is...

I have an iPod! Woo! Nyeh, nyeh, nyeh!

Sorry, that is not the moral. That is very immature. The moral is...

Man, it's hard to spell "Fluorescent." Smoke darn near comes out of my ears everytime I do.

No, that is not a moral, neither! The moral of the story is...

Oh please, there's no moral. Just check out the FJ night court blog and the FJ audio/video sketchbook. 10-4 good buddies.