Wednesday, October 19, 2005

There's an art
to giving security guards a thrill...

Enjoy my schmutz-covered work ID:
...with company info redacted, of course.

UPDATE: Use Gawker's evil for good... Check out my brother's blog. He's on NPR, writes for TV and recently sold his first novel. Then check out my mom's site, she's a historical romance author with over 20 novels to her credit.* Then come see me perform in person to witness hilarity incarnate.

UPDATE #2: No people, I don't think Gawker is "evil" -- in fact they've been berry berry good to me -- so stop asking. Is a cat evil for scratching? No. I can take a little love swipe just fine.

*I'm currently trying to wrangle a book party for my mom as she hasn't had one since 1984. Got a Manhattan venue recommendation for me? Let's talk.