Friday, October 07, 2005

Credible Threat No Match for Late-for-Work

I took the subway this morning.

Entered the 1/9, 2/3 at 12th street and saw no police presence whatsoever plus no police on the platform.

And judging by the people on the platform, there is very likely an enormous bags fancier convention in town.

As I was sizing up the oodles of swarthy men with luggage, I noticed that I actually had wires sticking out of my bag -- my coiled up cell phone charger.

I transferred to the 7.

I saw a lot of people with asses so improbably large, and mottled, I was afraid they were packed with explosives.

Forget baby carriages. Put a jihadist out there dressed as a woman with a bomb planted in a huge false rump. No one will look at her for more than a second, before darting their eyes away in embarrassment.

tick tick tick...

In other news, Penn Station was closed down today because they found some bum's Prell in a Pepsi can.