Thursday, June 23, 2005

ME, Tuesday June 28th


The Tripple will be closing forever, very soon. This is where I ran a show for over 6 years, and where many comedy greats got their start -- and got heckled into next week. All the details of the show are below, but here's what's new:

--> I got awesome stories from comedy peeps who will not be in attendance like Rita Rudner, Adam Spiegelman and Jay Mohr about their Ye Olde experiences at Ye Olde Tripple. Will be reading these and more at the show.

--> Check out this week's Time Out NY -- you'll see Jane Borden gave us a sweet write up on the show.

Now see below for all the info. It's going to be awesome.

Felber’s Frolics is back (after a 2 year hiatus) for one final comedy show at Ye Old Tripple Inn. The joint has been sold to make way for condos.

Check out this nice tribute on Eric Drysdale’s site (He’s a pal and writer for The Daily Show) and below with the show info quotes from other comics. The news of the Tripple's demise came very recently, and the comics wanted a send off. There will be over 40 comics in attendance, with big impressive credits that’d make any comedy nerd drool. If you're a comic, come, especially if you have experience falling on the Tripple's comedy sword -- I'll try and put up as many people as possible.

Tuesday, June 28th
Felber's Frolics Ye Olde Tripple Inn263 W 54th St. between Broadway & 8th Ave.

(closer to 8th)
8pm - FREE, no minimum
Subway: 1,9 to 50th, E to 7th Ave (53rd), C to 50th

"So many comics that are now ripping it up as writers, performers, TV personalities, got their start at this little hole-in-the wall bar where Susie Felber hosted her Felber's Frolics show for over 6 years. It was one of my favorites in the city, the site of so many crazy, outrageous, and lamentable comedy moments that I will never forget no matter how much therapy I undergo. The owners are selling the space, but Susie is hosting one final show, so come on by."

- Liam McEneaney from VH1's Best Week Ever, Comedy Central's Premium Blend, etc.

"Farewell to Ye Olde Tripple Inn!!For those of you who remember Felber's Frolics at Ye Olde Tripple Inn, you remember the magic of Susie Felber improvising songs while her brother Adam played keyboards, drunks heckling comics, comics heckling drunks, bagpipers sitting in with the band, Kid Rock, comics soaring on the energy of the crowd while other comics crashed and burned into a sad and unrecognizable heap. Well, for one last night it's BACK!! Ye Olde Tripple Inn is closing and Susie is reviving Felber's Frolics for one last blowout of a show! You won't want to miss this. You may as well call in sick on Wednesday the 29th because this is going to be the bash of all bashes!"

- Rob Paravonian from Comedy Central, VH1 and The Dr. Demento Radio Show