Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Summer Reruns

It's hotter than a clam's crotch out there today. You can actually see the smell lines coming up from the pavement. Sorry but as I'm currently off sunning myself in an air-conditioned office, I can't be bothered to be clever.

Instead, here's a re-listing of jazzy upcoming shows I'm doing where I will be incredibly clever, Thor willing.

Felber Block

Modern Pentathalon & Rhythmic Gymnastics not your thing? Nip that Olympic malaise in the bud -- I'm doing comedy shows August 25th-28th that span the globe* and run the gamut.

Wednesday, August 25th

Susie Felber, Sara Polon, and Amber Tozer present --

Happy Perineum Comedy: Very Small. Very Funny. Surprisingly Sexy.
Featuring very impressive guests, in a very intimate setting.
First show: Wednesday, August 25th @ 8:00 p.m.
Cost: $5 and one coffee-type drink
Where: Jack's --136 West 10th Street, between Greenwich Avenue and Waverly Place, (212) 929-0821
Nearest Subway: A/C/E/F/V to West 4th Street or 1/9 to Christopher Street

Check out the impressive guest comedian action!

Jen Kerwin, Becky Donahue, Eric Kirchberger

Note: The venue has a maximum capacity of 27 people. It's either going to be exclusive as hell or funny-because-it's-pathetic. I hope it's a tasty melange of both.

Thursday, August 26th

Red Cross Benefit
Thursday, Aug. 26th @8:00 pm
Rascal's Comedy Club
(Rascals on the Hudson)
360 Marin Blvd Jersey City, New Jersey 07305
P: (201) 217-8900

Susie says: Sadly I have no idea how much tix are as of yet. I'm hosting and I've been told the audience will most likely be all firemen. Hot!

Tix are $10 and there's a 2 drink minimum.
All door money goes to the Red Cross; all drinks go down your throat.

Friday, August 27th

Sweet Paprika
Fri., August 27th @ 8:30pm
The Village Lantern167 Bleeker Street (@ Sullivan St.)
Featured comics:Dan Cronin, Bryan Olsen, and me, Susie Felber

Hosted by the powerhouse talents of Allison Castillo and Opheria Eisenberg, this is a big little show -- picked a best bet by Backstage Magazine.

Saturday, August 28th

Bold O'Donahue's
Sat., August 27th @ 9pm
East Rockaway

I have no idea how to get to this show or what it will be like... but I'm definitely booked to MC it. In fact, I'm not even sure of the name of the place. Details to come (I hope).

*A globe of the greater NY area