Wednesday, August 22, 2012

New newness: I am now writing on this gardening blog for an upstate NY company with roots that go back over 100 years: Bentley Seeds.

Yes I'm still doing V/O, still writing for funny stuff a plenty, still working the social media beat.  This job was taken on because it's with a company my best friend now works for -- not just fun but we're both web experts in different areas and we've tons to learn from each other.  And it's also because I am -- or have been until now -- a closet garden nerd.

Lots of original photos by me and blather on seed stuff -- what more could one want?

Here's my first three posts by topic, if not title:

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Image credit: Me! Me! Me! And it's a Columbine in the Catskills doncha know.

Update 8/24: check out my interview with UK Landscape Architect Robyn Butcher.