Friday, January 28, 2011

I've been making online content for big biz since 1997. I was hoofing for -- before the network turned a profit, before much of the network knew we had a website.

And yesterday, I finally bought my domain. is go.

So line up VC's, this is gonna be huge.

Where huge = a lot less crap then it is now.

Blogspot, I will always love you, but I need to set up a classier placard for my professional self. I write, I perform, I do radio, I do geek stuff, I do corporate, I do agency, I do indie, I do local -- and it's confusing enough to those who know me. I can imagine what it looks like to those who don't. I consult on best practices on sites for others, but much like the shoemaker's children are always barefoot or the doctor's children are always sick -- the working nerd's website is always crap. At least this working nerd's is. Here's to fixing that.

Gotta go get into my coveralls and roll under this server with a wrench to get things started. See ya!