Friday, March 28, 2008

Photo Gallery du Felber

Click to view Dumb Spring Break '08: Catskills. You'll be glad you did.


I wrote, conceived and took all the pics for this photo gallery less than a week ago. It was a blast for this comedy history groupie to be "forced" to visit famous Catskills landmarks. Those people you see above were strangers I ran into while exploring who kindly posed for me. They drove a Mercedes with MD plates and the guy said his father had worked at Grossinger's Resorts in the 50's. There was a pack of other guys there taking pictures with fancy cameras too. On a freezing cold day, tons of youngish upscale people flocking to these ruined resorts is pretty impressive -- and perhaps an underexploited phenomena. Suddenly I have the urge to blow up my house and then sell hot chocolates to the masses that will surely show up for a peek.

Ya so -- check it out!

Thanks Interpals,