Thursday, February 26, 2004

White Girl Plays that Funky Music

I'm totally hooked on iTunes radio.

As I work today I'm listening to the amazing stylings of the trance-groove-techno-downbeat-urban-bass-jungle-old school-Euro-progressive-psychedelic-hardcore-penguin-electronica-underground-ambient-coq au vin-garage-house-dance Greatest Hits station.

My pad sounds like an expensive scented boutique and gay bar in one!

I adore it.

And the best part is, it's all free!


Yesterday I wondered why Scarlett Johansson was pantless for roughly most of Lost in Translation. What was the larger significance of her peek-a-boo panties in cinematic terms?

In one late scene she rises out of bed wearing naught more than a wife beater and panties. She is chilly and she puts on a long-sleeved cardigan... but she does not make a move to put on pants.

One can only suppose that in Japan, heat does not rise. In Tokyo heat falls and one's nether regions are continually burning hot. This is why they have the tradition of community bathing. It is very important to dip one's squidy bits into water to avoid possible pubic fires. Yes, this is also the reason why Asian peoples evolved to have less body hair.

Well now that I've figured it out, I'll be off now.