Monday, December 29, 2003

How to do Drugs with your Dog

You can leave your dark glasses and cane at home because the Rite Aid on the corner of Hudson & Charles allows dogs. Business here is always booming and barking* because most drug stores in NYC won't let a pooch in unless they are carried.

In this Rite Aid around every corner you see a flash of tail, in every aisle you hear the clean click of 16 nails on linoleum and waiting on line you can zone out as the standard poodle sits and ponders the weird little bat faced dog in front of you.

Tonight Stan and I picked up a prescription, conditioner, toothpaste -- and a lamb infused rawhide, just to show my love and allegiance to both Stan and Rite Aid.

It should be said, so I will, that the Grove street pharmacy on Grove and 7th also allows dogs. The Grove street pharmacy is tiny, very friendly and carries to die for upscale skin stuff like Ahava.

Grove street pharmacy does lack some of the finer things in life that Rite Aid boasts; the miles of discounted canned broth, the oaty goodness of half-price breakfast cereals and the aforementioned rawhides. But if you can afford the down payment required for a jar of Ahava moisturizer, you are no stranger to high maintenance charges and will certainly enjoy TGSP, as no one calls it. I am but a West Village peasant and admire the simple charms of Rite Aid.

Oh Rite Aid on Hudson, of thee I sing!

*See how right there I sounded like a bad Zagat's entry? Best grab the leash and see if Rite Aid has a cream for that.