Wednesday, November 05, 2003

Me Mum, Me Man & Me Stan

My mom's latest book came out last week and you should buy it. Not only do you get a cracking good read, but it's dedicated to my Stan. Wow! You can find To Tempt a Bride in the stores, or all convenient-like with this direct link to it on Amazon.

Oh and mom a.k.a. Edith Layton, is also once again part of the latest Christmas collection of Regency romances. Here's your super direct-o link to Regency Christmas Wishes.


Also my newspaper editing wonder boy Ed takes his 2nd amble into the glamour packed land of showbiz I know all too well by doing all the voices on Bob Shea's latest Brit-puppets-on-Bicardi-bottles short. Watch "The Foreign Exchange Student and His Mysterious Suitcase" here and now.

Not much to report from my end. I've got to get to writing the Spotlight newsletter and then to finding a parka that doesn't make me look like a curly haired hippy marshmallow, a pair of running sneaks that don't give me Brazil shaped blisters and a duvet that has some loft to surround my womanly curves. Since I am a cheapskate who adores quality and hates shopping you can expect these purchases to be made by the summer of 2006.