Thursday, May 22, 2003

They Like Me? They Really Might Possibly Sort of Kind of Like Me?

Just learned I was nominated for an award!*

Up for best host of a comedy or variety thingy!

An award I didn't know existed!

The Emerging Comics of New York Awards

And people are voting for me (maybe)!

And people aren't voting for me (certainly)!

All of my loyal readers can vote for me now!

Yeah, all four of you!

*I found out about this gala through comedian pals who were also nominated but didn't know about it. Still I am truly honored, especially since my over 6 year run ended in March. Also happy as someone who knows me well obviously didn't nominate me as they got the name of my show wrong. But since I'm not looking nor expecting to win, I'm not sending an e-mail about this to anyone... other than my mom. Honest.