Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My brother's book party.

Last night. A small but stylish affair. Friends and fam. No media. For this book.
And thanks to no media, you'll have to enjoy these crappy blurry photos by a woman who decided to eschew her flash and go manual on her newish SLR... me.
Schrodinger's Party03
NPR trifecta: Adam, host Mo & Roy*

Schrodinger's Party04
The crowd closes in on the book's editor, thrusting unpublished manuscripts into her hands.

Schrodinger's Party01
"If they find out I run a hockey blog, these babes will bolt."

Schrodinger's Party32
Conjoined twins: One works for IBM; the other for Marc Jacobs.
But seriously, read about the creepy dude on the left here, and something by the creepy dude on the right here.

Schrodinger's Party34
As you can see, the iPod and amp got some play.

Schrodinger's Party19
Left: Mr. Sold the Book; Right: Mr. Wrote the Book.

Schrodinger's Party09
Teacher and do-gooder lawyer.

Schrodinger's Party27
Artist and mother of do-gooder lawyer w/ hot date.

Schrodinger's Party14
Guess which of these women was once a nun and win a prize.

Schrodinger's Party29
This chick got drunk and started telling people their "Q scores."

Schrodinger's Party26
Who did this author, this mag editor, and this research diva blow to get the one in-focus photo of the night???

Schrodinger's Party16
Although they work at different basic cable nets, no physical fights broke out.

Schrodinger's Party30
He writes for the Aflac duck. Funny 'cause it's true.

Schrodinger's Party25
Yet another comedian attempts advanced facial topiary.

Schrodinger's Party50
"Jew Ferrigno" a.k.a. my other brother

Schrodinger's Party12
Author's mom is also an author and is also my mom and is also happy and is also quite tipsy.

Schrodinger's Party10
"If this photo sucks you are so not gonna be invited to my book party."

Schrodinger's Party22
The one on the right writes for Cracked. Which is cool but he wouldn't stop rubbing it in our faces. Every sentence out of his mouth starts, "Well as a writer for Cracked..." and "I have a new take on the Iraq crisis since becoming a stringer for Cracked..." and "You have a bit of cheese stuck to your lip, which I wouldn't mention except Cracked has taught me about standards; about how to strive for balance and harmony in all things. You wouldn't understand."

Schrodinger's Party47
The author's wife has got leeeeeeeegs, and furthermore, she knows who to use them.

Schrodinger's Party45
The man on the left has starred in way more commercials than the Aflac duck. For reals. Is it lucrative work? Well, here we see him about to purchase a white Oxford-educated slave.

Schrodinger's Party39
Hot musical Hobbit stage right.

Schrodinger's Party42
The view from the balcony. There was a bar there.

Schrodinger's Party41
There was also a bar here.

Schrodinger's Party43
The view after hitting the hootch.

Schrodinger's Party51
"What about 6:30-8:30 don't you people understand?"

Schrodinger's Party48
Incredibly sexy very pregnant woman with her latest boy toy.

Schrodinger's Party57
The author listens politely as someone waggles his book at him and prays for the lord, or the hired help, to bring him a fresh bourbon.

*FYI I've been a mega fan of Roy's since I was in short pants and read his classic profile on Gilda Radner.